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Natural Australian Simple Scents Moisturizing Soap

One of life’s simple pleasures that we stumbled upon are the Simple Scents brand of soaps.

These natural soaps are simple in ingredients, yet rich in fragrance, lather and feel.

In fact, the fragrance is so good in some of the soaps, that they should be called flavors instead of fragrances.

One of the soaps in mind would be the Simple Scents Orange Squeeze Soap, which comes individually wrapped as a 3.5 ounce bar of soap.

Simple Scents Orange Squeeze Moisturizing Soap

The fragrance is reminiscent of the orange cream flavored ice-cream pops that we bought from the ice-cream trucks in our childhood.

The fragrance is absolutely phenomenal!

But then the moisturizing lather is incredible as well. And since the soap is made of only natural ingredients, to include an all-natural vegetable glycerin, the bar of soap will literally lather until it becomes a tiny sliver of soap and disappears.

We have been buying these Simple Scents soaps for years now, and love them.

In fact, we purchase them by the boxes, and invariably share them with our family and friends.

Of course, you can also buy the soaps individually, maybe even purchasing one of each of your favorite fragrances.

There is something else we love about these Australian soaps. Not only do they smell and feel wonderful, but when priced against other natural soaps, they are also affordable.

Having said all that, there only remains one thing more to say.


Simple Scents Moisturizing Soap

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM

One of the beautiful things about the lavender sachet is the complexity that you can bring to it.

The Intricacies of a Lavender Sachet

In its essence, the lavender sachet is a pouch filled with lavender buds.

But it does not have to be JUST a pouch!

This is the beauty of it. If simplicity is not your cup of tea, then your lavender sachet can be just as exquisite and extravagant as your imagination can make it.

Of course, when your sachet has been made so elegant that it would be at home in the house of royalty, it simply would not do to call it a pouch or small bag would it?

Oh no! This would be a sachet of the highest caliber.

And it is not only the fabric which would add to the richness of your noble sachet, even though the fabric alone could make the sachet everything you might want it to be.

Let’s consider that you were to come by some delicately woven fabric made from premium handpicked materials, interlaced with unsurpassed quality, and undoubtedly imported at a sensational cost. Or perhaps you were able to obtain some lavish lace made of the finest silk or linen threads.

That alone would make your lavender sachet extra special.

The Intricacies of a Lavender Sachet

But now add to that special fabric and lace jewels and precious stones, woven and sewn into the pattern of the sachet. Then, with silken tassels, ornate designs, or appliques, your sachet has just risen above ordinary to new heights of extraordinary!

Truly, it is only your own resourcefulness which will dictate to you as to how elaborate your sachet can be.

Whether you use pearls or rhinestones, beads or diamonds, lace or ribbon, cotton or silk, one thing is for sure. When you have finally come to the end of your creation, you will at last pour your precious lavender buds into your newly fashioned sachet.

Then that wonderful lavender fragrance will drift into your senses as your newly born lavender sachet breathes out its first breath of fresh air.

Posted by on April 4, 2014 at 8:59 AM

One of the beautiful things about the lavender sachet is the simplicity that it brings.

A lavender sachet is a pouch filled with lavender buds.

That's it. No more and no less.

So what your lavender sachet becomes is then entirely dependent on you, on your needs, and on your imagination.

But if all you need, if all you want is a lavender sachet, and you are going to let the fragrance do all the talking, then you really don't need much.

You don't need a sewing machine. You don't even need a needle and thread. And no, you don't need "no sew" iron on strips either.

You will need some fabric however. Maybe something left over from another project, cotton or linen perhaps, whatever you have.

How about an old table cloth? Those are actually perfect, being simple yet with a little style.

Old sheets work well, and so might curtains. Depending on what the curtains are made of, such as sheer or the heavier drape material, will have a lot to do with the look and feel of your lavender sachets.

The point is, when it comes to your fabric, the possibilities are endless. Even an old tee shirt would be fine.

With your fabric cut in large circles, maybe 9 or 10 inches in diameter, you can pour a handful or two of lavender buds in the center, then pulling up the sides so that the lavender is now in the "pouch," simply tie it off with string or ribbon.

The Simplicity of a Lavender Sachet

This gives you a no-frills lavender sachet that is very practical, a lavender sachet that can go or fit in anywhere, and a lavender sachet that takes very little time and effort to make.

And that, my friend, is the beauty of it all!

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Well, let’s see now.

You can’t very well seal a plastic pouch up with anything fragrant in it and expect it to fill your room with any kind of aromatic pleasure can you?

No, you need something a bit more porous, something that breathes, something that allows the fragrance inside the bag to escape.

So with plastic and vinyl out of the question, it would seem of course, that cloth material would be perfect.

What are lavender sachets made of?

And with the choice of the softer cloth fabric, your decision will now quite naturally depend upon your own personal preference.

One of the beautiful things about the lavender sachet is that the fragrance itself brings a beauty all its own, so that even the simplest of lavender sachets has an almost undefinable charm.

For example, if you took a humble piece of plain cotton material and sewed two squares of it together on three sides, filling it with lavender buds and sewing the fourth side closed, then that unassuming little sachet would now be bursting with fragrance, and is not just another "boring" sachet.

Now you take those same fragrant lavender buds, and pour them into a beautiful, rich colored sachet made from the softest silk, edged in lace and ribbon and lined with beads, and complete with woven and embroidered patterns.

A definite "WOW" would now be in order!

Such is the beauty of the lavender sachet, in its simplest form or in its most elaborate detail; it still smells wonderful, with that fresh aroma it lends to everything it comes in contact with.

In the end, when you are ready to make OR purchase your lavender sachet(s), you will find that it will come down to your own imagination and individual taste. You are what will determine what your lavender sachets are made out of.

Posted by on March 4, 2014 at 4:12 PM

A sachet is a small bag or pouch.

Okay, but knowing that, then the question begs to be asked, "What is a sachet made of?"

Easy enough question, but of course the answer is dependent on what the sachet will be used for.

For instance, those small packets of ketchup or mustard that you pick up at a fast food restaurant are actually small sealed sachets filled with semi-liquid material. And plastic would seem to be the best choice to make these sachets from.

Another common sachet you might have seen is the small scented paper envelope. They are thin, aromatic, and easily disposed of when the scent soon dissipates.

You can have a small leather pouch to carry your coins in, or a small water proof vinyl bag to keep things in your pocket dry.

You can even have a small plastic zipper storage bag (sachet) that you can keep your snacks fresh with.

Generally though, especially for the purposes that we use them for, a fabric would be best suited for them.

The fabric material is porous enough to "breath" freely, so that you can enjoy the aromatic contents within the sachet.

Cotton works beautifully, as does also linen, though some of the linen materials can be a bit stiff.

Silk and some nylon materials can give a nice soft luxurious texture to the sachet.

Organza material allows you to see the contents of the sachet as well letting any fragrance through for your enjoyment.

And the organza sachets offer you their economical side also, bringing elegance along with their lower price.

So there you have it. Knowing that a sachet is a small bag made of pretty much anything you need it to be made of can give you a much better understanding of this beautiful little concept.

And since we use our sachets to display the wonderful aroma that comes packed in the form of lavender buds, then fabrics of one type or another are what our sachets are made of.

Posted by on February 28, 2014 at 1:29 PM
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