LOU STUDIO, founded by iconic fashion influencer Chloe, is all about what we call “un une touche de Parisian chic” or “one of the best online destinations to deliver it to your doorstep.” Scroll down to see what they have to offer and what you can think about style, comfort and convenience in their online store. The beautiful knitted sweaters, the beautiful knitwear and the warm woolen jackets are just some of the things LOU lououstudio and its founder Chloe Guevara are about.

We design incredibly wearable clothes based on the image of the modern, independent woman, and we think about Parisian fashion and style. If you crave the comfort of jeans and want to look sleek and sophisticated in your outfits, you can take inspiration from a street to get a fashion guide on how to wear jeans like an elegant French woman. You’ve Probably perfect paired with separate and effortlessly chic outfits with jeans, jackets and sweaters.

Parisian brands known for their beautifully crafted basics, not to mention the local – grown-up celebrities, whose jeans and blazers they make. Founded by legendary designer and fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rouje is a favorite of bloggers for its high-waisted jeans, understated dresses and elegant, modern style.

French girl – recognized brand is an ode to the modern muse created with the help of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and his team of talented designers.
What you really like about Musier is that the quality is right, every piece is handmade and all pieces are handmade.

French fashion blogger, I’ve always wanted to talk a little more about Parisian fashion and style. French wardrobes and basics you can find in a French girl’s wardrobe, but if you always want to know how French women dress, you need these 10 French wardrobes that I curated below.

French wardrobes should be made of high-quality materials that last a long time, such as leather, wool, cotton, silk and leather.

These days, French girls like to pair a white T-shirt with a well-fitting blazer and black jeans. This is a great way to create a more casual look, but still in line with the style of the day. A regular feature of the French wardrobe is the classic white shirt, white trousers and white jacket with white collar and black tie.

French girls like to wear T-shirts at weekends and on holidays, but they also chill at home. These ladies think that they should only wear stripes, berets and black clothes, whether it is summer or winter outside.

There are also tailored shorts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts and even a pair of jeans, but you can meet those who style themselves in a variety of different styles, such as chiffon, silk, wool, cotton, leather or wool.

Neutral tops and bottoms are classic, although they are now on trend with edgy shoes that add a pop of colour, including pointy black boots. Another trend is a feminine silk skirt – paired with a slightly masculine fitted top. A light white short sleeve sweater is ideal to complete the look, as well as a long white T-shirt and jeans.

Amelie Pichard is the place where Parisians can go if they want, when it comes to their everyday outfits, from the simplest to the newest trends. Gaala focuses on creating pieces that transcend time and trend – sustainably crafted styles for professional use that never go out of style, as well as timeless dresses and jumpsuits that never need to be replaced. French women have never been slaves to fashion, they know how to complement their own individual look and mix and match their own classic timeless couture pieces from Dior with the styles of their favourite brands.

You can combine your LBD with a special jacket or your favorite handbag to add character and personality to your outfit. If you have no idea what to wear to the events of your life, dress and be yourself, and if you want to make hell out of it, go there.

A button-collared shirt can be paired with a plaid blazer and sleek black trousers, creating an effortless yet chic look. A classic white and blue Oxford shirt is a great choice for a casual, casual look for the office or a more formal occasion. Try to carry jeans and blazers to the office with your favorite quilted bag, suede pumps or even a pair of chinos.

This outfit can also be worn to a parents “evening, paired with a pretty printed blouse and black trousers. Create a chic, edgy vibe by wearing a textured blazer layered over your favorite graphic T-shirt and jeans. While chic Parisians always show obvious skin, a white button down shirt or fitted jeans (pictured) can create a magical effect. Shop with friends and browse for the perfect outfit for a casual dinner party or even an evening with friends.