If you need to know how to remove permanent marker from fabric, this article is for you. You might be looking for the easiest method to remove the marker ink from clothing and other items. Whatever the reason may be, there are different solutions to this type of problem. The following steps describe how to remove permanent marker from fabric using different methods.


If your stains are caused by food or drink, one way to remove them is to blot or rub the area with a paper towel. Some people prefer rubbing alcohol to clean up but this will not remove the stain. For a quick, no mess and instant solution, try rubbing the affected area with acetone. However, if the stain was caused by something like paint, it is important to use acetone directly on the stain. Alcohol should never be used directly on fabric as this can permanently damage the material.


If the stain comes from something like paint or food, rubbing alcohol or citrus juices are great alternatives to acetone. This method works for almost everything because both acidic and alkaline materials can be removed using these household tools. If rubbing the material is ineffective, try using a product called magic eraser. Magic eraser comes in the form of an all-purpose cleaner. Magic eraser works by picking up any loose stain and then gently wiping it away. In order to get the best result, make sure to use a product that is pH balanced and has been specifically designed to work on fabric.


Another option for removing permanent marker on fabric is to dab the stained area with regular toothpaste. This is a slightly more workable alternative to rubbing the material, but it is still effective. All you need to do is dip a clean toothbrush or sponge into the regular toothpaste and gently brush over the stains. Once you have finished applying the toothpaste, be sure to let the toothbrush dry completely before using it again.


If rubbing is not effective or if the stain is difficult to reach, using a product called melamine foam may be your next choice. It has a unique abrasive texture that makes it much easier to clean large stains than regular toothpaste. Dab the melamine foam onto the stain and leave it to absorb the liquid; it will break down the stain over time.


Finally, if rubbing and using regular toothpaste are not effective or if you would prefer a more hands-on approach, using aerosol hairspray may be the answer. This aerosol hairspray is meant to be applied in small areas, usually around the stain. Be careful when spraying, however, because the product will burn anything it touches, including the delicate fibers of your clothing. If you cannot reach the area, spray the area directly with the magic eraser, making sure to get out any bubbles that may form. With a bit of practice and the right materials, you will soon learn how to remove permanent marker from fabric without resorting to harsh chemicals.